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  • What a Year!

    During the past twelve months we have experienced changes and challenges like never before. Covid-19 has impacted us all and without a doubt has changed us forever. My hope is that it has changed us all for the better. Through this most difficult season we should all be more mindful of our blessings, cherishing the small things in life that mean so much. May we be more patient and less selfish, more caring and less abrasive. Like gold being refined by fire, my hope is that we have all been refined by the Covid-19 fire to make us more valuable to others.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding through the new safety protocols, quarantines, and alternate schedules implemented this year. Your help has allowed us to have students in school on campus more than anyone could have predicted. I look forward to the day we no longer say the words unprecedented, new normal, or socially distanced. I look forward to greeting others with an unmasked smile, a handshake or a hug, instead of an elbow bump. I know we are not at that point yet, but the hope of that day is near.    

    The work we have done in West Baton Rouge, as a school system and as a community is something we should all be very proud of. Together, we have done more than just survive this past year, we have grown, progressed, and conquered the multitude of challenges we faced. So many have gone above and beyond to volunteer, feed, teach, tutor, and provide support to students and families. Your commitment and love for the children in WBR has allowed them to thrive during the most difficult of circumstances. West Baton Rouge has truly Made Awesome Happen!

    With great appreciation,
    Superintendent Wes Watts


WBR Picture of the Week

  • Picture of the Week

    Great work to our littles and their fantastic use of technology in Ms. Patin's Class at Caneview K-8!  #WBRPROUD 

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West Baton Rouge Parish School Board Non-Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of this agency that no applicant, client and/or employee of the West Baton Rouge parish School Board shall on the basis of Race, Religion, Creed, Color, National Origin, Political Affiliation, Sex, Handicap, Age or any other non-merit factor, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of, or other-wise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity, which West Baton Rouge Parish School Board operates or is applying for funding.

No person on the grounds of Race, Religion, Creed, Color, National Origin, Political Affiliation, Sex, Handicap, or Age shall be subjected to discrimination, or be denied employment in connection with any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

No persons with responsibilities in the operation or administration of a program or activity because of Race, Religion, Creed, Color, National Origin, Sex, Political Affiliations, Disability or Age.

Barbara Burke, Director of Human Resources and Staff Development