• STEM Resources

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 8/31/2018

    Our district is rising to the STEM challenge to provide our students with opportunities to research, design, build, and create in a variety of learning environments. Many of our schools have initiated a STEM class or elective for our learners. Resources and materials online for STEM class ideas are abounding and sometimes overwhelming. Special thanks to the STEM teacher at Chamberlin, Lacy Behl, for sharing some of the resources that she has found to be especially helpful when planning projects for her students. Check these out, share with others, and send any other ideas to us that you think may be helpful to other teachers!

    STELAR - be sure to go to their curriculum tab to see all the free resources http://stelar.edc.org/ 
    National Academy of Engineering - Engineer Girl https://www.engineergirl.org/248/Educator-Resources
    Style Engineers (another Engineering site that promotes Girls)
    Free STEM curriculum for all grades 
    Target's Field Trip Grant
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  • Need Christmas Ideas for Your Kids

    Posted by Stephanie Thompson on 12/13/2017

    Christmas IDEAS



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  • A "Clever" Way for Young Students to Log In

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 10/30/2017

    Calling all Prek-2nd grade classrooms...we've heard your frustrations and we hope to offer a solution! We know that it is developmentally inappropriate for our little ones to be expected to type such long usernames and passwords. We have searched for and found a solution that we hope will make the log in process much more painless for our youngest learners. We are piloting the process this week in hopes that all goes well to roll out Clever badges for the rest of the lower elementary schools. What are Clever badges? It is basically a printed QR Code for each student to scan in order to log in to the Chromebooks. The log in screen will look different for only the chrome carts that have been turned on for Clever usage. Students will then just need to click...then hold up their QR Code in front of the Chromebook's web cam to scan the code...that's it! They'll be logged in and ready to start learning! More information will be coming to the schools soon!

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  • Check Out the All-New Classflow Student Response Tool!

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 10/5/2017

    We all use a whiteboard or Promethean board in the classroom...now let’s use the Chromebooks and Classflow to get students interacting with content throughout your lesson. Forget everything you once knew about Classflow because it has been redesigned to work better for you. Here are some features that you will love for engaging your learners:

    • Import student rosters from Google Classroom
      No need to load students into the Classflow system yourself; they seamlessly become a part of your Classflow class. They log in to Classflow with the Google button and click the Join Class button to answer your questions.
    • Poll students on the fly...no need to prepare questions in advance
      As you’re teaching from your typical source (slideshow, website, or any other application), simply open another Chrome tab and ask any of the following types of questions to check for understanding:
      • Creative Poll: Students draw, snap pictures with webcam, or upload saved images to respond to question
      • Word Seed: Student responses are populated on the same page and can be reorganized and grouped together for discussion
      • Text: Students type words, phrases, sentences to respond to your open-ended question
      • Number
      • Multiple Choice
      • Scale: Students answer agreement, confidence or generic scales
      • True/False
      • Yes/No
    • Save poll results
      All student answers are connected to their names in your teacher account. Analyze student results to check for understanding during or after class to plan for reteaching or next steps in your unit.
    • Save and redeliver or share whiteboard slides
      All writing and drawing that you do on your whiteboard as you teach will be saved in your resources. Redeliver this to your students as needed or share the link in Google Classroom for students to clarify and review for upcoming tests.
    • Design activities for students to practice concepts and skills
      Classflow also has a built-in Activity component designed to help you easily create “ActivInspire-type” activities for students to use individually.  Create activities that require students to categorize information, label a diagram, match coordinating content, sequence information, and much more!
    • Use it completely on the Web
      Everything we do now is on the web...so your lesson delivery system should be too! Access your account from any device and any place to review student progress, plan for future lessons and more.

    Visit www.classflow.com to check it out! We are happy to come out to your school and show you this tool in action! Contact Mandy and Stephanie to schedule a PLC or individual meeting to learn more about how Classflow can increase student engagement and achievement in your classroom.


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  • Check Out Materials from the Tech Department

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 9/7/2017

    Have you ever wondered..."What materials does the technology department have that I could use in my classroom? How do I get them?"

    We are hoping to end that mystery! 

    Venture out with your students this year and make use of these materials:

    • Breakout EDU Materials
    • Google Expeditions
    • WeDo 2.0 Robotics Kits
    • iPads
    • Cubelets
    • Little Bits

    Fill out this form to check out the materials that you need:

    Are you now wondering, "What are these tools and how do I use them?" The technology department is here to help! Contact Mandy Poche and Stephanie Thompson with your questions. We are happy to help you plan ways to integrate different technologies into teaching and learning in your classroom. 

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  • Must see new tool!!! Google Fluency Tutor

    Posted by Stephanie Thompson on 8/25/2017


    You may be familiar with the Chrome extension Read&Write for Google Chrome. Read&Write helps students to read and write. This extension is free for teachers. Texthelp’s other product, Fluency Tutor, records student reading and even connects with Google Classroom.  This is the new amazing tool that I want to share today.  


    What is it?

    This easy-to-use Chrome app lets students record themselves reading aloud on their laptop, Chromebook or tablet at any place or time.  The teacher can go back and listen to the reading and score it as needed.


    How does it work?

    Pick any content, anytime. Teachers can select any web page or browse a library of over 500 pre-selected reading passages based on content, Lexile level or reading age. Students and teachers can also create their own passages from websites containing content they enjoy reading (Engage NY).   Assigned passages can be edited as needed and then shared with individual students or groups via Google Drive or Google Classroom.


    Students can rehearse and record their reading in a relaxed environment at school or at home, with extra help provided by a dictionary, picture dictionary, and translation tools.


    Teachers can listen to students’ recordings wherever and whenever it's convenient, giving quick feedback or a more in-depth assessment of reading progress. By collecting data over time, Fluency Tutor for Google helps teachers build a clear picture of each student's progress throughout the school year.

    TextHelp  Fluencytutor

    Check out the video Intro:


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  • Summer PD in WBR

    Posted by Stephanie Thompson on 5/3/2017

    It’s time for Summer PD!!

    WBR Technology Department is offering 5 different PD opportunities this summer.  

    We are very excited about Celebrity Teacher for Elementary on teachers on July 17 and 18 and for Middle/High school teachers on July 24 and 25.

    Celebrity Teacher:

    With your team, you will  learn about the new digital literacy guidelines, many new tech tools, and DOK.  Then, as a team, you’ll take Academic standards, digital tools, and DOK Levels in hand and create the best lesson in the room in the allotted time!  1st, 2nd and 3rd place win a prize.

    Along the way, you will create and learn all about Stop-Motion Animation, TinkerCad and 3D printing

    You may Sign up as a team or individual.  Sign–up today.  Only a few spots available.  Pass along to other teachers who may be interested.

    $50 stipend per day. 8:30-2:30 with a one-hour lunch!

     Sign Up Here

    Also this summer, we are offering teachers the opportunity to learn right along side with the students in 3 STEAM camps.  

    Little STEAM is for students and teachers in grades 1 and 2.. In this camp, students will create with Stop –Motion Animation and create a Rube Goldberg Machine.  They will create BristleBots and then design a path for it travel. They will programming using Scratch Jr, and investigating designs for biomimicry.  

    Full STEAM is Ahead is for students and teachers in 3rd through 5th grade.  In this camp, students will build Scribble Bots, Design a Game, design game pieces using TinkerCad, create Stop Motion Animation, program WeDo Robotics, create musical instruments using Makey Makeys and then program them using Scratch.  

    Robotics Camp is for our 6th through 8th grade students and teachers.  Students will build and program robots to solve challenges and complete tasks.  

    Lots of jammed pack learning and fun.  You don’t want to miss it.

    All camps will display and show their creations on June 29th at 6:00 for the Student Showcase.

    For additional information about Summer PD, please contact us.

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  • Classroom Management in the Digital Age

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 4/20/2017

    Many of our elementary teachers have used and loved Class Dojo for managing behavior in the classroom.  Class Dojo is a website and mobile app that helps teachers track negative and positive behaviors by awarding and deducting points for teacher-selected targeted behaviors. Points are recorded for each student using their specially designed avatar. Parents get weekly updates about behavior points and can access the site at any time to track their child's behavior.

    Don't miss this new Class Dojo feature: Student Stories

    class dojo

    Students can now document their learning by uploading pictures and videos of work created in class, creating their very own custom digital portfolio to show off their learning! 

    And, for our middle and high school teachers...you'll want to check out this game-based digital behavior management system: Classcraft.


    Classcraft gamifies your entire class.  Students/players earn XP (experience points) by exhibiting positive behaviors deemed worthy by the teacher.  They can also lose HP (health points) for negative behavior.  As students earn points, they can level up and unlock rewards set by the teacher, such as "eat in class" or "one test hint". The teacher can also create teams, so that the entire team is responsible for each teammate's behavior. This creates an atmosphere of encouragement for each other, since individual behavior affects the whole team.  Check out Classcraft to see if it is a good fit for your class!


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  • Flocabulary: A Great Tool for Your Classroom

    Posted by Tammy Seneca on 4/3/2017

    As we go into the last stretch of the school year, I wanted to take this opportunity to notify everyone of some really fantastic additions to the Flocabulary resource.  The district does have an account with Flocabulary and as the image below indicates... our teachers and students really love it!  


    There are some really great features that are offered through our account.  Don't miss: 

    If you need account login information, just email tammy.seneca@wbrschools.net! 

    Don't forget to let Flocabulary know what your are doing on Twitter!  #HowWeFlocab 

    How We Flocab

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  • MiniLACUE 2017

    Posted by Mandy Poche on 3/27/2017

    Though it did “rain on our parade” this past Saturday for our Region II Mini-LACUE conference, it did not dampen the enthusiasm and learning that always takes place at this annual event. We were most fortunate to kick off our day with a keynote from the very motivating and always entertaining Marcus Stein of AXI Education. He brought each of us back to our roots of our first desires of becoming a teacher and re-energized those desires of being a positive influence in the life of students and a change agent by incorporating technology to its potential. Our day was filled with lots of opportunities for fun and engagement...tech chat featuring topics of popular demand, sessions focusing on various cutting edge educational technology topics, a challenging Breakout EDU activity to earn lunch :), and exploration of the all new Google Expeditions.  We concluded the day with a Tech Faire with fantastic table sessions by teachers, leaders and vendors, as well as a Code.org competition and a Star Lab activity. There was a lot to learn and to do at this action-packed conference. We’d like to thank the vendors, AXI, Howard Technology, MyOn, DOW Stem Hub, and Acadian Robotics for supporting our conference and for donating door prizes for the teachers. We’d also like to offer a special thank you to all of the teachers who came out to our conference and those who also offered their expertise in sessions and the Tech Faire. Thank you to the parents and students who came out to show off their robotics successes and participate in the Tech Faire. We are very appreciative to all who helped to make this day such a success!


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