We will continue to practice “Positive Behavior Intervention Support”. This approach to success, discipline, and practice has been implemented in all West Baton Rouge Parish schools. At Cohn, we have many proactive and positive interventions in place! At Cohn Elementary, we Practice respect, Act responsibly, Work together, and Stay safe. This is known as PAWS.

    Please take the time to talk with your children about our school’s expectations and rules when you can, and stop by to see us in action. You’ll hear more about PAWS throughout the year.

    Our Social Shape Up Program will support our PBIS program by helping us target problem behaviors and offering assistance in correcting these behaviors.


  • Our P.B.I.S Team:

    Mrs. Ashley Hebert

    Ms. Monica Bynum

    Mrs. Hollie Williams

    Mrs. Chelsea Drury

    Mrs. Haley Boyle 

Student Fees Policy - 11/26/19