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School Hours

  • Car/Bus Drop Off Time: 7:35-8:00 A.M.

    Morning Start Time:  8:05 A.M.

    Dismissal Time:  3:10 P.M.

    Early Dismissal:  12:15 P.M.

Bell Schedule

  • 1st Hour: 8:05 - 9:08

    2nd Hour: 9:10 - 10:13

    3rd Hour: 10:15 - 11:18

    4th Hour: 11:20 - 12:59

    A-Shift Lunch & Recess - 11:22 - 11:54

    B-Shift Lunch & Recess - 12:25 - 12:59

    5th Hour: 1:01 - 2:04

    6th Hour: 2:06 - 3:10

Our School History

  • Originally the high school, Port Allen Middle was erected in 1937. It has been identified as a historical landmark based on the art deco style of the New Deal era. The building was completed in July 1938 at a construction cost of $158,795 and a project cost of $169,693. This project was funded by the Public Works Administration (PWA) as a part of FDR's New Deal, to put the unemployed to work on public projects including schools, community centers, bridges, etc.
    (Short and Brown)

    Information obtained from: The Living New
    Deal-Still Working for America http://livingnewdeal.berkeley.edu/projects/port-allen-middle-school-port-allen-la/


    Port Allen Middle School

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Mission Statement

  • The mission of Port Allen Middle School is to provide the highest quality of education and leadership skills to all students so each reaches his/her highest potential.

Student Fees Policy - 11/26/19