Dropping the Atom Bomb: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, DOK Level 2-3

Louisiana: A Medley of Cultures, DOK Level 2

World Religions, DOK Level 2-3

Crime Scene Investigation: What Killed King Tut? DOK Level 3

New Orleans: The Birth of Jazz, DOK Level 2

The Ten Worst Dictators Throughout History, DOK Levels 1-2

The First Civilizations Unit, Grade 6, DOK Levels 1-3

The Bill of Rights: The First Ten Amendments, DOK Level 3

Changing World History, DOK Level 4

The Civil Rights Through Twitter, DOK Level 3-4

The Conquistadors Are Coming! DOK Level 4

Harriet Tubman: To Escape or Not? Moses is Coming! DOK Level 4

History Talk: The Mighty Mississippi, DOK Level 3-4

Museum of Ancient River Civilizations, DOK Level 4