Sign Up for Textcaster to Receive Bus Info

  • Our parish bus company, DS Bus, has purchased a new messaging program.  Enrolling in this service allows you to receive text messages for any bus route in our district that you choose. You will be alerted when there is an issue or a need for DS Bus company to communicate regarding that route.  Enrolling is fast and easy!  Parents can choose to receive text messages concerning one or more busses.  Parents with multiple children riding different busses should enroll once and then opt to receive messages for each of their students' busses.

    Click here to enroll:

Carpool News


    • Drop off begins at 6:50
    • Students are dropped off in front of the covered walkway.
    • Students should exit the car from the passenger's side.
    • Parent/guardian must escort the child to the office after 7:25 a.m.



    • Pick up begins at 2:35 p.m.
    • Line begins in front of the covered walkway and continues towards the back and circles around towards the front.
    • Display the carpool sign in your front window so the duty teacher can assist with lining up your child.  You MUST have the carpool sign to pick up a child.
    • Students will load on the passenger's side of the car to ensure their safety.
    • Turn LEFT when exiting the parking lot to eliminate traffic congestion.
    • Reminder – School is dismissed at 2:35.  No students should be left on campus after 2:50.

    **These procedures will assist us in keeping all students safe.**

School-Wide Positive Behavior System

  • Brusly Upper Elementary School-Wide Positive Behavior team’s mission is to create a positive learning environment that effectively promotes academic and behavioral growth by implementing the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program.  We strive to be Positive Panthers by practicing the expectations of being Responsible, Respectful, Prepared, and Safe.  The Social Shape Up (SSU) program supports PBIS by modeling, practicing, and correcting behaviors.  Students earn daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards by following the PBIS expectations and SSU rules.