Female Student Athlete of the Week

  • Taylor Dotson (Week of April 19)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 4/19/2021

    Ms. Magee says Congratulations Taylor!!  You are so deserving of this honor!  You are a strong-minded, determined individual with an infectious smile and I know that you bring that same tenacity to basketball!

    Taylor is hard-working and kind. Her tenacity is evident in her approach to her academics and to athletics. Taylor will step-up and be a stand-out at PA again next year.

    Taylor truly deserves this honor. She is always on top of things.I love having her in our girls basketball program. No she may not play a lot of minutes but she does all the intangible things on our team and is a great TEAMMATE. She loves all the girls on the team and is always there when any of them need anything. Her spirit is always genuine and that is something you do not find everyday. She is a coach's dream, I'm super proud of the young woman she is becoming in spite of everything that she has faced in life. Keep doing great things kid... I'm proud of you.
    Taylor is just wonderful. She is so sweet and pushes daily to have the life she wants to live. I am so excited for her!- Congratulations, Taylor! -Ms. K. Edwards
    Taylor is a beautiful human and poet. I hope she becomes an activist because we need her fierce passion.
    Taylor - I enjoyed teaching you in English II and now for ACT prep.  You are such a bright young lady.  I absolutely love going to Subway and seeing you there.
    Taylor is a great example of what a young woman should be. Very smart, always smiling and always keeping the energy up. Immediately came out of basketball and ran in a track meet because she just wanted to compete. She takes her academics seriously just like her athletics.
    Taylor Dotson- Congrats Taylor! Taylor is super smart, very hardworking, and determined! I know you the same grit you show in the classroom is there with you on the basketball court! I am glad you are being recognized as student athlete of the week! Keep up the great work!
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  • Aaliyah Smith (Week of March 29)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/31/2021

    Ms. Magee says Aaliyah was a true joy to have in class! You always had a smile on you face and was consistently diligent in her school work. I know that you bring that same joy and enthusiasm to Color Guard and I am so proud of you!!

    Ms. K. Miller says Congratulations Aaliyah, I am extremely proud of you for taking on the role as Captain this year and coming over many obstacles to be the best you can be today. You continue to thrive in color guard but most importantly in class and that is why you are a great leader and deserve this award. Continue to be the mature person you are . Thank you for being a great example of a student athlete.

    Mrs. Grant says Congratulations Aaliyah! I am so proud of you! You are a hard worker and a sweet young lady. Your drive for excellence is admirable and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet you. Love you girl.

    Ms. Hansen says It is such a joy to teach Aaliyah!!  She brightens my day, works hard in class, and doesn't give up.

    Mrs. Jones says Congratulations, Aaliyah! I am so proud of you. You are such a wonderful young lady. Your leadership with the color guard team speaks volume of the great person you are. I wish you well with all of your future endeavors. 

    Ms. Kendalyn Edwards says Congratulations, Aaliyah! Your beautiful spirit and hard work is sure to open many doors for you. Continue to be a leader in the classroom and with color guard. We are extremely lucky to have you as a member of our Pelican FAmily :) -Ms. K. Edwards

    Ms. Wilson says Congratulations Aaliyah!! You are such a blessing to have on color guard. You’re talented, intelligent, loving, and you have a bright future ahead of you! You’re an amazing person and captain. Continue to strive for excellence! I couldn’t be more proud of you! We love you! 💙

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  • Alaina Junius (Week of Mar 22)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/26/2021
    Mrs. Grant says Alaina your hardwork has not gone unnoticed. Your positive attitude and desire to succeed will serve you well in your future. Congratulations!
    Coach Lewis says I’m so proud of the way Alaina persevered coming after school by herself to work out for track. It’s not easy to get through a track workout let alone by yourself. Also was a joy to have in class. Came into the IBCA class halfway through after PowerPoint had been taught and immediately passed her certification test.
    Coach Wells, says Even though she’s  only been in my class a few weeks Alaina has been a joy! She always comes in with a great attitude ready to participate in whatever I may throw at them! She has such a fun personality and always respectful! Keep up the great work! 

    Ms. K. Miller says Congratulations Alaina, You are such a good spirit to be around. I am so happy for you and hope you continue to be the best.
    Mr. Tupper says Alaina is a joy to have in class, and a vital member of the Band of Blue.   Her friendly demeanor and bright personality bring light into every space she occupies!  Proud of you Alaina!
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  • Brialynn Amond (Week of Mar. 8)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/12/2021
    Mrs. Grant says Brailynn is a great student and a pleasure to have in class. She is deserving of this honor and I am proud of her. Great job Brailynn!
    Congratulations Brailynn...You possess that little ‘extra’ that takes you from ordinary to extraordinary!! I am so proud of you. Continue to walk that ‘extra’ mile as you achieve your goals and dreams!!!
    Congratulations, My BAM-O! You are an amazing and humble young lady. You selflessly support those around you without hesitation. I've seen you work tirelessly to achieve your goals, then you challenged yourself to set greater goals. I will always cheer for you. Life has terrific things in store for you. Continue to strive for excellence. Even if you come up short, you will still be great. I love you dearly. #TeamBAM-O  
    Brailynn is a hardworking smart young lady who's work ethic does not go unnoticed! She always strives to better herself.
    Congratulations, Brailynn! You are a true star and an AMAZING addition to the Pelican Family. Whether in the classroom or competing on the field, you are a joy to be around. Never stop working to crush your goals! -Ms. K. Edwards
    Coach Cox says Brailynn is not only an amazing softball player, but she is an amazing kid. She is the true definition of a coach's dream. She puts her all in everything she does and truly wants what's best for the team. Brailynn is and will continue to excel here at Port Allen High. Keep up the good work kid.
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  • Summer Frank (Week of March 1)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/1/2021

    Ms. Donovan says - Congratulations, Summer. You are a great role model for our PAHS family! Keep up the excellent work!

    Coach Bizette says Summer Frank is an amazing lifter and works very hard in the weight room. She is doing outstanding numbers for a senior lifter and I cannot wait to see her lift at the state meet this year. She works very well with her teammates and is always pushing them to do better. Summer is very determined to succeed and it shows. I’m going to miss her next year. Love you Summer you’re a good person on and off the field. I know you will become very successful in life. Thank you for allowing me to coach you for the past four years.

    Mrs. Smith says Summer is an excellent example of Pelican Pride! She is hard working, kind, and has a positive attitude!
    Mrs. Roger says Summer, though I’ve never had the pleasure to teach you I have heard nothing but positive comments about you from peers and adults alike! The times I have interacted with you your smile and laugh truly brighten up any room! You are an amazing student, a true role-model for underclassmen, and simply a delightful young lady! I am so proud of your accomplishments, and I know you will continue to amaze and impress us in the future!
    Ms. Magee says Summer is a true joy to have in class.  Her enthusiasm to learn and bubbly personality really makes the class fun to teach. I am sure she brings that same enthusiasm to whatever she chooses to do, including Powerlifting!! Congratulations Summer...you are truly deserving and I am so proud of you!!
    Mrs. Holaway says Summer is an awesome young lady! Funny, sweet, and very hard working! Congrats on being named student athlete of the week! You deserve it!
    Summer has always been a bright personality and a hard worker here at PA. I enjoyed getting to know her when I taught digital media. I won't forget our patented phrase.
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  • Jaylynn Netter (Week of Feb. 8)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/8/2021

    Ms. Magee says Jaylynn Netter is an absolute joy to have in class!  Her bubbly enthusiasm to learn shines through, even in ACT Prep!!  I am confident that she brings this same enthusiasm to any task set before her, academically and athletically.  Congratulations Jaylynn!!

    I am lucky to have Jaylynn Netter in my ACT prep class! She is sweet, funny, smart, and always smiling! a complete joy to have in a classroom! COngrats Jaylynn! I am looking forward to watching you continue to succeed at the PA!

    Ms. Carey says Jaylynn is always so sweet in ACT Prep. I look forward to teaching her again in the future.

    Coach Bizette says Jaylynn is an amazing lifter and works very hard in the weight room. She is doing outstanding numbers for a freshmen lifter and I cannot wait to see her be a superstar at the regional and state meet this year. She works very well with her teammates and is always pushing them to do better. Jaylynn is very determined to succeed and it shows.

    Ms. Kendalyn Edwards says Jaylynn is talented in all that she does and her beautiful smile doesn't hurt. She is the epitome of a student athlete. All A's in the classroom and all GRIT when it comes to powerlifting. Continue to reach beyond the stars, Jaylynn. The world needs everything that is inside of you. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Mr. Soniat says Jaylynn is an amazing individual, she is always motivated and ready to take on a challenge. She is very polite and I enjoy having the opportunity to teach her.

    Mrs. Durbin says Jaylynn was a joy to teach.  She was always prepared for class.  She would do the assignments before they were even assigned.  Every teacher will enjoy having her in their class. I miss you Jaylynn and I hope I have the opportunity to teach you again before you graduate.

    Dr. Nelson says There are soooo many positive things I can say about Jaylynn but I will simply say she is truly an amazing student and person! She is very dedicated to her studies and hardworking, she works well with her peers and always has a positive attitude. Congrats Jaylynn!
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  • Asia Jackson

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/5/2021
    Ms. K. Miller says Asia is such an amazing young lady she is always working hard in class and I respect her for always being respectful to her teachers and peers . Such a mature young lady with great things ahead of her ! Congratulations Birthday twin !! 
    Mr. Clark says Asia Jackson is a very smart, hardworking & sweet individual inside and outside of the classroom. I have seldom seen her bright smile leave her face.
    Asia is such a beautiful and sassy spirit. Her sweet demeanor and dedication to academics and extracurricular activities are admirable. I look forward to seeing all of the great things she sets out to accomplish. Keep doing big things! Congratulations! -Ms. K. Edwards
    Ms. Wilson says Asia is an awesome student and athlete! She always gives 100% in everything she does! I loved watching her play volleyball in the fall and I can't wait to see her on the track! She is well deserving of being student athlete of the week! Congratulations Asia!! 
    Mrs. Holaway says Congrats Asia, I want a room full of you! You are kind, sweet, smart, hard working, and everything amazing! Your smile lights up my room! I am so glad to have you in my class. Congrats on being student athlete of the week. You are so deserving
    Mrs. Donovan says Congrats. Asia! This honor is well deserved. I hope you continue to be successful in all your future endeavors.
    Ms. Hansen says Asia is a pleasure to have in class.  She gives her best and is a sweet person. Her determination to seek help will serve her well in life.
    Coach Lewis says Asia is a great example of what a great kid is supposed to be. She is self driven and motivated. She was hesitant of coming out for track but since she has been out, she has worked very hard as she has embraced a sport she had never done.
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Male Student Athlete of the Week

  • Jalen Knox (Week of April 19)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 4/19/2021
    Mrs. Smith says Jalen is a remarkable young man and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach him!
    Coach Jones says Jalen has been an absolute joy to coach these past 3 years. He sets a standard for our program every day with his character, integrity and work ethic. Jalen models how a student-athlete should conduct themselves on and off the court. Even though he doesn't always get the recognition he deserves Jalen has been a leader since the day he set foot on our campus and we could not be more honored and proud to have him representing Port Allen High School Basketball. 
    Ms. Batiste says Jalen is an absolutely amazing young man. Jalen is the epitome of a student-athlete. He is mild-mannered, considerate, respectful, and totally unselfish. Jalen consistently gives his best effort on the court, as well as in each of his classes.  Although I have never taught Jalen, we converse about his grades, his ACT scores, basketball, and his future goals. I am blessed to witness greatness in the making.
    Deputy Williams says I don’t know where to start. In many cases you would wish this kid was your son or nephew. He’s the living example of what a student athlete should exemplify. Jalen is most definitely a class act and a blueprint for so many to pattern themselves after. As a Resource Officer I’m a watcher and he never misses an opportunity to engage me or others in a conversation whether it’s a verbal salutation or hand bump throughout the day. Jalen you are blessed beyond measure to have such great demeanor. Stay humble and continue to soar like aPelican.
    Coach Cox says Jalen- Above everything else that he is great at, Jalen is a great young man. He leads by his actions and how he carries himself both on and off the court. He is truly a special young man. His leadership and work ethic is mind blowing for a kid his age. Keep striving for greatness Jalen, I'm so excited to see what you receive everything you have been working so hard for.
    Ms. Collins says Although I have never taught Jalen Knox. He always greets me with a pleasant attitude when I see him pass in the hallway. He's an awesome basketball player and had great performance in both championship games. He seems to be a great student! Congratulations Jalen!
    Ms. Kendalyn Edwards says Jalen and I have spoken many times about the amazing light that is within him. I pray that he continues to be salt and light for all the world to see :) -Congratulations, Jalen! -Ms. K. Edwards
    Ms. Carey says Jalen is kind, intelligent, and talented. I appreciate who he is.
    Ms. Durbin says Jalen - Congratulations Jalen!  You are everything a student should be and more.
    Coach Lewis says Jalen is a great example of how a young man should carry himself. He is always smiling. Always speaks. Polite, respectful, and takes his academics just as serious as his athletics and he is a a heck of athlete. He always looking to get better in no matter whatever he is doing. 
    Mrs. Holaway says Jalen Knox- Jalen is an incredible young man! Kind, smart, polite, funny, hard working- I can go on and on about all the amazing qualities Jalen exhibits daily! Jalen, it is an honor to be your teacher! The world is simply a better place because of your kind disposition and sweet smile! I am proud of you as a student and as an athlete! You give it all you have and then some! Congrats, continue being amazing!
    Dr. Green says Jalen Knox is the student you are glad to see walk through the door. He actually cares about his assignments. He is thoughtful and kind. There are so many good things you can say about him. Grow and develop, but please keep the same beautiful spirit and attitude. 
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  • Kurdavion Williams (Week of March 29)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/31/2021

    KD is a blast to have in Chemistry this semester!! You are such an intelligent, well-rounded, young man and I appreciate all of your hard work and good discussions in class!!  I know that your mind can take you anywhere in the world that you would like to go and be successful! Congratulations and you are so deserving of this honor!!

    Ms. T. Miller says Kurdavion is a very respectful and humorous student. He always made class fun, and was always willing to participate in class. Congratulations Kurdavion! It is well deserved. 
    I have had the pleasure to teach Kurdavian for both Alg 2 and Alg.3.  It has been exciting to see how your work ethics have grown!  Your focus to learn the material will serve you well in life.  
    Congratulations Kurdavion!!! I am so proud of you. You continue to amaze me. I love that you are coming out of your shell and shining the light you have within. Continue to do your best. Again, I am so proud of you. You're destined for greatness!!!
    Congratulations to my "little soccer player"! I am so excited for you Kurdavion! Never stop fighting to be the very best of who you were created to be. I know you are only scratching the surface and I can't wait to see you do major things next school year. YOU GOT THIS! -Ms. K. Edwards 
    KD! Congratulations! You’re such a joy to have in class! You’re intelligent, respectful, kind, and a star athlete! I’m so proud of you. Congratulations again on our being student athlete of the week. 
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  • Darius Harris (Week of March 22)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/26/2021
    Congratulations Darius! You are a very talented, hardworking and pleasant person. You are a great addition to any classroom and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to know you. I pray that great things will continue to happen in your life. Remember that I am always rooting for you. Congratulations again!
    Dr. Green says Darius Harris- There is never a dull day with you around. You are a fun person. Congratulations! 
    Coach Bass says Darius is a special individual.  I was blessed with the pleasure of teaching him twice.  It is obvious that he has matured in his short time here at the PA.  This guy has the ability to lead and a great sense of humor; He's a genuine entertainer.  He instantly added a positive impact on my class the day he walked in the door.  Congratulations Kid.    
    Ms. K. Miller says congratulations to you as well Darius who have come a long way since freshman year. I am so proud of you.
    Mrs. Holaway says Darius is a great kid! He is polite, hard working, and always has a smile on his face! Darius has a wonderful attitude and you were a joy to have in the classroom.  Congrats on being recognized as student athlete of the week!
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  • Christian Gantt (Week of Mar. 8)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/12/2021
    Ms. Roger says Congratulations Christian! You have been killing it on the field recently with your home runs, and I’m sure that energy is feeding into the rest of the team as well! I’m so proud of you for being accepted into Delgado, and I know you’ll be an asset to their team as well! 
    Mrs. Campbell says Way to go Christian!! Congratulations...you are a student who is driven to excellence. Keep the positive attitude and continue to distinguish yourself from the ordinary!!
    Mrs. Smith says Christian is one of the first students to volunteer to help other students who are struggling.
    Mrs. Stewart says Congratulations Christian Gantt! You are an awesome young man destined to make a difference in the world. Keep your goals in front of you at all times and know that all things are possible with a plan!   
    Mrs. Stewart
    Ms. Batiste says Congratulations Christian! You're an awesome young man who is destined for greatness.
    Mr. Clark says Christian is a dedicated young man. I don't think i've ever seen him have an off day!
    Christian Gantt is a great baseball player, and put his all into trying to be a better player and person.
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  • Eric Washington (Week of March 1)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/1/2021
    Congratulations, Eric. Your commitment to excellence is admirable. I hope all the best for you! 
    Mr. Soniat says Eric is an awesome student. He was always the first one in my class and came ready to go. Eric would always bring positivity and a jolt of energy to the class that helped me great through the morning. Eric is definitely deserving of this recognition 
    Mr. Clark says Eric's genuine curiosity is very rarely satisfied. His probing nature keeps me on my toes as an educator and we will often discover some things side by side.  He is intelligent and applies himself when challenged. From teaching him as a freshman to a sophomore I often tell him his maturity growth is to be applauded.  
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  • Clayton Pye Week of Feb. 22

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/22/2021

    Mr. Clark says Clayton Pye is a very dedicated student with a lot of different interests and he works hard at improving in those areas academically and personally.

    Clayton is a great kid.  He is very laid back and easygoing.  I enjoy teaching him because he is well-prepared for class, he participates and even catches me when I have a typo.  He definitely deserves this honor.
    Ms. Batiste says Clay Pye is an awesome young man. Clay possesses a wealth of wisdom and a thirst for knowledge that is rare in a person his age. He’s a blessing to his peers, his  teammates, and his teacher. Clay personifies the definition of a student athlete. 
    Mr. Soniat says Clayton is an awesome student. He is always engaged and loves to succeed in the classroom and out the classroom.
    Congratulations Clayton I really only see you in class but I’m pretty sure your work ethic in class is the same as in band , keep it up. 
    Clayton is a very kind and polite young man. It's so great to see him here at PAHS, and an outstanding member of the PAHS band!  Keep up the good work, Clayton! 
    Clayton and I have been together for a long time.  At the age of 2 I watched him for 8-10 hours a day Monday - Friday.  I have changed his poopy diapers and now I get to watch him move closer to graduating from high school.  I am so glad he is here at PAHS with me.  Pie, you have no idea bro.  I love you man. 

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  • Peyton Smith (Week of Feb. 8)

    Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/8/2021

    Even though Peyton will sit in class and talk to the inanimate wall, if I allowed him to, he is a true joy to have in class.  He keeps everyone on their toes with his academic wit and humor.  There is never a dull moment when he is in class. Congratulations Peyton!!

    Mrs. Holaway says Peyton is a very smart and funny young man! He can literally talk to anyone or anything! I sure miss having your whit in class! Congrats on being named student athlete of the week!

    Mr. Clark says Peyton Smith is the embodiment of a team player and has always stepped up to be a leader in the classroom holding his classmates accountable and lending a hand when needed during group/partner work.  He is a determined individual and I look forward to whatever else he sets his mind to because he is likely to accomplish it.

    Ms. Wilson says I've only been Peyton's teacher for a short period of time, but he is definitely the life of my class. He adapted quickly to the type of class we have and has excelled ever since. He keeps everyone laughing and in good spirits all while completing his assignments. You're doing an awesome job! Congratulations on being our student athlete of the week.

    Congratulations, Peyton! You have consistently worked hard and been a much valued member of the Pelican Family these last four years. I can't wait to see what your future has in store for you. Your ability to show up daily will open many doors for you. Keep grinding!

    Ms. Roger says You FINALLY made it as athlete of the week! I know you've been waiting for this moment to happen! You are an awesome young man, and I thoroughly enjoy having you in class. You impress me with your vocabulary and thought-provoking responses to questions. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to get to know you this semester! Congratulations!

    Mr. Sellers says Peyton is a great guy. He has a great attitude and positive outlook. Listening to him and Kentae joke with each other has often been the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work!

    Coach Lewis says Peyton is the true definition of a hard worker. He definitely worked his way up in Athletics even overcoming a major injury to get some significant playing time as a senior. Very respectable and a joy to be around. I look forward to seeing his progress in life over the next few years.

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