• Questions from Cox Communications (2/2/2021): 

    1. We note that the 470 and RFP ask for bids for services up to 10 Gbps, however, under Section 1.3 of the RFP there is a language indicating that the District’s current bandwidth is 10 Gbps, and that “consumption over the last few years has grown significantly.”  While it may require an amended Form 470 to be filed by the District, does the District have any interest in receiving bids covering internet service bandwidths above 10 Gbps in order to provide greater capacity and position the District for potential growth by having upgrades available under contract?
      Our growth has grown significantly, but we still feel that the 10 Gbps will be sufficient for the life of this contract.  Sorry for the confusion. 


    1. Managed Router:  Besides the capability of routing traffic sufficient for the subscribed bandwidth, are there requirements for any other routing or firewalling capabilities ?  Any ACLs, Traffic Inspection, NAT, VPN, etc.? 
      No, we have our own firewall that we manage internally.  We would need our current routes established on any new service. 


    1. Please specify the type of handoff required to your network from the Managed Router.
      Fiber handoff


    Question from Conterra Networks (2/10/2021):

    Per some Covid protocals within company structure, would it be possible to send proposal via email?  Yes, email to