Brusly Upper Elementary

601 N. Kirkland Drive Brusly, Louisiana 70719

  • Phone:(225) 749-2966  Fax:(225) 339-0020

Welcome to Our Awesome Adventure!

  • Welcome to BUES Welcome to Our Awesome Adventure

Vision Statement

  • At BUES, we aspire to cultivate a community of life-long learners by inspiring, challenging, engaging, and empowering students through enriched learning experiences in order to obtain their full potential as they grow to become confident, knowledgeable, and responsible members of society.

Mission Statement

  • Through purposeful partnering and communication with parents and community stakeholders, we will empower all students by providing inclusive, safe, supportive yet challenging learning environments where teachers present engaging, multifaceted learning opportunities for students to achieve success, create goals, communicate and collaborate ideas, and celebrate their accomplishments.


  • I.C.E.E. (Inspire, Challenge, Engage, and Empower)

  • B.U.E.S. Hospital B.U.E.S. Hospital