School Board Committees

  • Committee Assignments

    Executive Committee

    • G. Alden Chustz, Jr, Board President
    • Dr. Atley Walker, Sr.  2nd Chairman
    • Ronald LeBlanc

    Finance Committee

    • Teri Bergeron, Chairman
    • Toby Sarradet, 2nd Chairman
    • Michael Maranto
    • Craig Sarradet

    Academics Committee

    • Dr. Atley Walker, Sr., Chairman
    • Teri Bergeron, 2nd Chairman
    • Chareeka Grace
    • Leon Goudeau, Sr.
    • Craig Sarradet

    Buildings Committee

    • Ronald LeBlanc, Chairman
    • Chareeka Grace, 2nd Chairman
    • Toby Sarradet
    • Leon Goudeau, Sr. 
    • Jason Manola

    Land and Contracts 

    • Michael Maranto, Chairman
    • Craig Sarradet, 2nd Chairman
    • Leon Goudeau, Sr.
    • Ronald LeBlanc
    • G. Alden Chustz, Jr. 

School Board Minutes

  • Archived School Board Minutes can be located in the West Baton Rouge Parish Policy Manual. 

    After accessing the CAPS Policy Manual... follow the directions below to access the School Board minutes. 

    1. Click on West Baton Rouge Parish School Board in the upper left-hand corner.
      CAPS Policy Guide Step 1
    2. Click on Minutes. 
      CAPS Minutes
    3. Once you click on minutes, this will open up the available years. 
      CAPS Minutes
    4. Finally, click on any available year and the minutes will be available with a click of the mouse.
      CAPS Minutes Per Year

Public Participation in Board Meetings

  • It is the policy of the West Baton Rouge Parish School Board to conduct all meetings in full view of and with welcomed participation by the public.  However, the School Board reserves the right to recess into or call executive sessions for discussing private matters as provided by State Law.  At no time shall actions be taken or resolutions made during executive sessions.

    The School Board has approved two methods for the public to address the School Board. The first method requires all delegations or individuals who wish to appear before the School Board to submit their requests to the Superintendent in writing at least five (5) days prior to the meeting date, stating what matters they wish to take up with the School Board and the approximate time such matters should consume at the meeting.  The Superintendent shall have the authority to determine whether items requested are significant enough to be referred to the appropriate School Board committee.  Each delegation appearing before the Board shall select one person in advance as its spokesperson and notify the Superintendent.

    In addition, the public may also address the School Board during a public comment period held before any vote is taken on an agenda item.  The comment period shall precede each agenda item and shall be conducted in accordance with regulations established by the School Board.  However, a person is not entitled to take up business before the School Board unless the item in which he/she is interested has been placed on the agenda of that meeting. 

    In the event that the School Board should add an item to its agenda after the School Board meeting begins, the President shall orally request of the audience whether anyone in attendance would like to speak on the added agenda item.  Each person indicating a desire to do so shall be given an opportunity to address the School Board on each agenda item added.  The School Board shall delay deliberations on that agenda item until such time as all interested members of the public have had an opportunity to speak.  Public comments or discussions relative to unscheduled items on committee or Board agendas, as approved by a unanimous vote, shall be considered after the last agenda items on the official agendas.


    The following guidelines are designed to facilitate and support the public use of proper channels of communication and allow orderly public access to participation at School Board meetings.


      Once the presiding officer has announced an agenda item, any person interested in commenting on said item must raise his/her hand and be recognized before approaching the microphone.  The person shall state his/her name, and if representing a group, the name of the group.


      Any single person recognized to comment on an agenda item will be allotted a maximum of (3) minutes.  If two or more persons wish to address the same agenda item on which they have the same opinion, the total maximum time allotted for all such speakers combined shall be five (5) minutes.  If a group of four (4) or fewer persons who have the same opinion on the agenda item wish to do so, they may designate one person to act as a spokesperson and said person will be allotted a maximum of five (5) minutes to address that one agenda item.  If a group of five (5) or more persons having the same opinion wish to address the same agenda item they must designate a spokesperson for said item and will be allotted a maximum of five (5) minutes for their presentation.  No duplicate testimony or comment will be allowed during this period.


      The presiding officer shall recognize School Board members prior to any member asking clarifying questions or to their responding to any comments made.

      The presiding officer has the responsibility to keep the discussion and or responses by both audience members and School Board members to the particular item at hand, and shall halt any discussion that does not pertain to the particular item.


      Complaints and concerns for which other channels of resolution are provided shall be directed through those channels.  The presiding officer (or the Superintendent, if appropriate) shall determine whether a person who is addressing the School Board has attempted to resolve the matter administratively.  If not, the person will be directed to the appropriate party to seek resolution.  It is only after all administrative channels or recourse have been exhausted that the matter may be brought back before the School Board.

      The School Board will not entertain negative comments on individual students or individual employees in open public session.


      Audience participation at School Board meetings is limited to that time before each agenda item is discussed.  Once the period for public comment has been declared concluded by the presiding officer, and at all other times during the School Board meeting, the audience shall not enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the School Board.


      Inappropriate or disruptive conduct by audience members at School Board meetings shall not be tolerated.  Examples of such conduct include, but are not limited to, booing, hissing, clapping, shouting, cursing, or disrespectful comments to School Board members, employees, or other persons present at the meeting.  Nor shall the presiding officer tolerate other behavior or verbal abuse which the presiding officer considers disruptive or improper.  Applause is acceptable only when an award or recognition is being made.

      No cellular phones or other devices, including signs, posters or placards, which may cause disruption of the School Board meeting are permitted in the meeting room.

      The presiding officer may order the removal from the meeting of any person(s) interfering with the expeditious and orderly conduct of the meeting, provided that said presiding officer shall first issue a warning that continued interference with the orderly processes of the meeting will result in removal.  Appropriate law enforcement authorities shall remove any person(s) ordered removed by the presiding officer pursuant to this section.  Furthermore, charges may be brought against any person(s) who willfully disrupt a public meeting in accordance with La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §42:17(C).

    7. NOTICE

      These guidelines shall be available near the public entrance of the School Board meeting room and available at all schools.