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History of Brusly High

Welcome to Brusly High School where excellence and commitment to learning has been a long-standing tradition. We create an outstanding learning environment through the efforts of our excellent student body, a committed and caring staff, supportive parents, and a community that values education. Our students have traditionally demonstrated high standards of performance in academics, activities, and behavior. BHS is a nationally acknowledged school for student academic success. We have been a recognized U.S. School of Excellence since 2003. In addition, BHS students continue to top district and state statistics in test scores and number of scholarship recipients.

BHS curriculum includes advanced placement and honors courses, as well as courses for careers in industrial arts, consumer sciences and business and computers. We also provide specialized programs for students identified as Special Education.

Our program meets a wide range of student interests. We have eleven clubs as well as a sports program of ten teams. The BHS dance team has earned recognition in regional and national competitions, the cheerleading program has earned distinguished recognition in regional competition, and the school’s band, choir, and academic team continue to bring glory to the school. BHS provides each student with not only a safe environment, but also a highly challenging and enriching high school experience.

We believe that the school has an obligation to the society it serves to insure that each graduate achieves communication and computation skills, that each graduate attains a proficiency in critical and objective thinking and an acquisition of occupational competence, and the each graduate develops an economic understanding and an awareness of his citizenship responsibilities.

The faculty believes that these goals can be met only when both the community and the school share a common concern and responsibility for educating our youth. To be effective, the faculty should be fully aware of this responsibility, oriented to working with young people, properly qualified and certified, and should realize that their actions, in and out of school, should exemplify responsible behavior.

We believe that the challenge to motivate students and to guide them in continuous growth toward each individual's greatest possible achievement is the responsibility of school personnel, parents, and all responsible members of the community. This challenge encompasses the preparation of the individual for college, vocational school, or the immediate job market. Part of this preparation should include qualified guidance for the individual to make the best possible decision to meet his needs.

Finally, the faculty of Brusly High School believes that a school faculty can bring about its fullest achievements when its members continue their personal improvement and professional growth and when the school's philosophy remains flexible to adapt to the changing needs of the community it serves.