March Support Staff of the Month

Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/9/2020

Support staff of the month is Kendalyn Edwards

She cares about the students and school, easy-going, and performs well in her job. She is amazing and the stuff she does for the students of Port Allen is simply awesome. Ms. Edwards is a joyful individual. She goes above and beyond in her contributions to the school and always brings excitement to "Freshman Student of the Week." Ms. Edwards is a ceaselessly giving and supportive counselor to the students. She seems to effortlessly combine her care for the students’ emotional and academic needs in order to support the whole student. She works hard to provide new opportunities to the students so that they can have a variety of life experiences before leaving high school. She diligently learns the names of all the students in order to establish personal connections with each and every one of them. She is an absolute gem and a joy to work with! Ms. Edwards is always bright and cheerful.  I enjoy watching her Instagram posts every night before I go to bed. Ms. Edwards has an awesome personality and full of faith.
She is a joy to be around and is always willing to stop and listen. Thank you for being my 
friend but also my sister in Christ. Much Love - Misty
Ms. K. Edwards is easygoing, dedicated to the students and great to talk to. Ms. Edwards builds great relationships with her students and is always looking for new experiences for them. Spearheading the freshman of the week celebration is something that will stick with the PA for a long time. Friendly, Caring, compassionate, dedicated, and supportive are just a few the words I would use to describe Ms. Edwards. She is driven to help our students be successful. They should know that she is their best advocate. She is well-deserving of the honor of being the support staff of the month. I am happy to work with her at the PA. I'd like you to recognize her for her willingness to commit to our community by being a part of Relay for Life.  She sent some PAHS baseball guys to help set up Celebrity Waiter yesterday.  We had tables & chairs set up within an hour!  She also dedicated some of her time and came back to check in guests!  Side note: Celebrity Waiter cleared $95,000 last night! Thank you to the boys and Mrs. Edwards for coming out to help us. PAHS's Relay team will get some credit from that! Ms. Kendalyn Edwards is always so helpful and very pleasant to work with. She always seems to have the students best interests at heart and THEY know it. She is definitely working in her calling. Ms. Edwards always goes the extra mile to help all of our students. She is always has positive vibes and energy that makes it easy for people to talk and relate to her.