Asia Jackson

Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/5/2021

Ms. K. Miller says Asia is such an amazing young lady she is always working hard in class and I respect her for always being respectful to her teachers and peers . Such a mature young lady with great things ahead of her ! Congratulations Birthday twin !! 
Mr. Clark says Asia Jackson is a very smart, hardworking & sweet individual inside and outside of the classroom. I have seldom seen her bright smile leave her face.
Asia is such a beautiful and sassy spirit. Her sweet demeanor and dedication to academics and extracurricular activities are admirable. I look forward to seeing all of the great things she sets out to accomplish. Keep doing big things! Congratulations! -Ms. K. Edwards
Ms. Wilson says Asia is an awesome student and athlete! She always gives 100% in everything she does! I loved watching her play volleyball in the fall and I can't wait to see her on the track! She is well deserving of being student athlete of the week! Congratulations Asia!! 
Mrs. Holaway says Congrats Asia, I want a room full of you! You are kind, sweet, smart, hard working, and everything amazing! Your smile lights up my room! I am so glad to have you in my class. Congrats on being student athlete of the week. You are so deserving
Mrs. Donovan says Congrats. Asia! This honor is well deserved. I hope you continue to be successful in all your future endeavors.
Ms. Hansen says Asia is a pleasure to have in class.  She gives her best and is a sweet person. Her determination to seek help will serve her well in life.
Coach Lewis says Asia is a great example of what a great kid is supposed to be. She is self driven and motivated. She was hesitant of coming out for track but since she has been out, she has worked very hard as she has embraced a sport she had never done.