Alaina Junius (Week of Mar 22)

Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 3/26/2021

Mrs. Grant says Alaina your hardwork has not gone unnoticed. Your positive attitude and desire to succeed will serve you well in your future. Congratulations!
Coach Lewis says I’m so proud of the way Alaina persevered coming after school by herself to work out for track. It’s not easy to get through a track workout let alone by yourself. Also was a joy to have in class. Came into the IBCA class halfway through after PowerPoint had been taught and immediately passed her certification test.
Coach Wells, says Even though she’s  only been in my class a few weeks Alaina has been a joy! She always comes in with a great attitude ready to participate in whatever I may throw at them! She has such a fun personality and always respectful! Keep up the great work! 

Ms. K. Miller says Congratulations Alaina, You are such a good spirit to be around. I am so happy for you and hope you continue to be the best.
Mr. Tupper says Alaina is a joy to have in class, and a vital member of the Band of Blue.   Her friendly demeanor and bright personality bring light into every space she occupies!  Proud of you Alaina!