Clayton Pye Week of Feb. 22

Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 2/22/2021

Mr. Clark says Clayton Pye is a very dedicated student with a lot of different interests and he works hard at improving in those areas academically and personally.

Clayton is a great kid.  He is very laid back and easygoing.  I enjoy teaching him because he is well-prepared for class, he participates and even catches me when I have a typo.  He definitely deserves this honor.
Ms. Batiste says Clay Pye is an awesome young man. Clay possesses a wealth of wisdom and a thirst for knowledge that is rare in a person his age. He’s a blessing to his peers, his  teammates, and his teacher. Clay personifies the definition of a student athlete. 
Mr. Soniat says Clayton is an awesome student. He is always engaged and loves to succeed in the classroom and out the classroom.
Congratulations Clayton I really only see you in class but I’m pretty sure your work ethic in class is the same as in band , keep it up. 
Clayton is a very kind and polite young man. It's so great to see him here at PAHS, and an outstanding member of the PAHS band!  Keep up the good work, Clayton! 
Clayton and I have been together for a long time.  At the age of 2 I watched him for 8-10 hours a day Monday - Friday.  I have changed his poopy diapers and now I get to watch him move closer to graduating from high school.  I am so glad he is here at PAHS with me.  Pie, you have no idea bro.  I love you man.