Jalen Knox (Week of April 19)

Posted by Jasmine Blanks on 4/19/2021

Mrs. Smith says Jalen is a remarkable young man and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach him!
Coach Jones says Jalen has been an absolute joy to coach these past 3 years. He sets a standard for our program every day with his character, integrity and work ethic. Jalen models how a student-athlete should conduct themselves on and off the court. Even though he doesn't always get the recognition he deserves Jalen has been a leader since the day he set foot on our campus and we could not be more honored and proud to have him representing Port Allen High School Basketball. 
Ms. Batiste says Jalen is an absolutely amazing young man. Jalen is the epitome of a student-athlete. He is mild-mannered, considerate, respectful, and totally unselfish. Jalen consistently gives his best effort on the court, as well as in each of his classes.  Although I have never taught Jalen, we converse about his grades, his ACT scores, basketball, and his future goals. I am blessed to witness greatness in the making.
Deputy Williams says I don’t know where to start. In many cases you would wish this kid was your son or nephew. He’s the living example of what a student athlete should exemplify. Jalen is most definitely a class act and a blueprint for so many to pattern themselves after. As a Resource Officer I’m a watcher and he never misses an opportunity to engage me or others in a conversation whether it’s a verbal salutation or hand bump throughout the day. Jalen you are blessed beyond measure to have such great demeanor. Stay humble and continue to soar like aPelican.
Coach Cox says Jalen- Above everything else that he is great at, Jalen is a great young man. He leads by his actions and how he carries himself both on and off the court. He is truly a special young man. His leadership and work ethic is mind blowing for a kid his age. Keep striving for greatness Jalen, I'm so excited to see what you receive everything you have been working so hard for.
Ms. Collins says Although I have never taught Jalen Knox. He always greets me with a pleasant attitude when I see him pass in the hallway. He's an awesome basketball player and had great performance in both championship games. He seems to be a great student! Congratulations Jalen!
Ms. Kendalyn Edwards says Jalen and I have spoken many times about the amazing light that is within him. I pray that he continues to be salt and light for all the world to see :) -Congratulations, Jalen! -Ms. K. Edwards
Ms. Carey says Jalen is kind, intelligent, and talented. I appreciate who he is.
Ms. Durbin says Jalen - Congratulations Jalen!  You are everything a student should be and more.
Coach Lewis says Jalen is a great example of how a young man should carry himself. He is always smiling. Always speaks. Polite, respectful, and takes his academics just as serious as his athletics and he is a a heck of athlete. He always looking to get better in no matter whatever he is doing. 
Mrs. Holaway says Jalen Knox- Jalen is an incredible young man! Kind, smart, polite, funny, hard working- I can go on and on about all the amazing qualities Jalen exhibits daily! Jalen, it is an honor to be your teacher! The world is simply a better place because of your kind disposition and sweet smile! I am proud of you as a student and as an athlete! You give it all you have and then some! Congrats, continue being amazing!
Dr. Green says Jalen Knox is the student you are glad to see walk through the door. He actually cares about his assignments. He is thoughtful and kind. There are so many good things you can say about him. Grow and develop, but please keep the same beautiful spirit and attitude.