WBR Facts

Student Count

4200 Students in Head Start - 12th Grade

1:1 Devices

Head Start - 3rd Grade: Devices at School 4th Grade - 12th Grade: Take Home

10 Schools

5 Elementary Schools 3 Middle Schools 2 High Schools

Graduation Rate

Cohort Grad. Rate Index (Cohort Grad. Actual Rate) BHS: 97%(87.3) PAHS: 93% (83.7)


Student explaing geometry to another student

Shoutout to Cameron for explaining geometric sequences to a few of his classmates in Ms. Warren’s class! The highest level of learning is when you are able to teach others!

Students encouraged the teacher to go back to school

Tabitha Wunstel's BMS students encouraged her to go back to school to get her Master's Degree, and she did it!

Drama specials

In Mrs. Angie’s first week of Drama specials at BES the children are learning how to “Act” and become characters. They used puppets to express different feelings and used animated voices to bring them to life.